0161 Festival: Forever Antifa!

This past weekend saw the 4th edition of 0161 Festival and what a weekend it was! Moral Decay was proud to be there, here’s our take on one of the most important events in the punk scenes calendar.

It was the first year at St Kentingerns Irish Social Club in south Manchester, a focal point for the local community and they proved themselves great hosts, keeping punters fed with vegan chilli and a steady flow of drinks.


The bands smashed it, without a doubt. It’s a credit to the festival organisers that they can pull together so many great acts under their banner. From straight up punk and Hardcore to celtic punk, ska influenced bands and even a Hip Hop duo from Bristol. There was something there for everyone, trust me you would have been hard pressed not to find something that really caught your attention. There is was even an acoustic stage, unfortunately we were in the main room so didn’t catch any acts through there but I’m reliably informed that the acts there were incredible, from punk poets to singer songwriters, two pieces and full bands, sounds like they didn’t disappoint.

Bands traveled from across Europe to be there; Los Fastidios brought their special brand of Oi! from Italy to headline the Saturday, Almost Equal came to throw down some Hardcore from Braunschweig, DE, and Street Punk outfit Hooligan made the trip across from Ireland. Even stall holders traveled from outside the UK with Fire and Flames bringing their quality clothing range and music distro over from Germany.

The UK scene showed it’s strength with veteran South Shields Oi! band Angelic Upstarts headlining the Saturday and Manchester’s Revenge of the Psychotronic Man closing the weekend with a loud bang of high energy, high speed punk. To be honest, I could list all the bands who were there and praise them but I’d be here all evening. I suggest you google that line up and check out the high calibre music yourself. You can thank me later.

Next time you’re swigging your pint at a gig take a moment to appreciate that punk and hardcore can be much more than a good time. We have something to say, we care, we have the moral backbone stand up against those seeking to spread hate. As the bands this weekend showed it isn’t about making every song political, it’s about stepping up and telling the hate breeders where to sling their hooks.

A massive shout out to everyone who made it happen, the venue, the organisers, the sound guys, stewards, bands, stall holders and those who came down to be a part of it. Moral Decay is looking forward to the next one, we hope to see you there too!



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