Kong Kong [Interview]

Gareths back and he’s got a cracking interview with Swedish newcomers Kong Kong. Formed in January, just before this corona nightmare kicked off, they have one 4-track EP, Raw and Primitive, out now with a sound that resembles a fuzzy Blitz (I know we make the Blitz comparison a lot, but if folks are gonna keep taking influence from that legendary band we’re gonna keep using it) mashed with The Veros. Going under what i’m gonna take a wild punt and say are pseudonyms they have Kong Kong on vocals, Megaprimatus Kong on bass, Meh Kong on the drums and my personal favourite B.B. Kong on guitar. Currently signed to Gorilla City Records under their manager Don K. Kong (absolutely loving this by the way), Gareth has gets the answers to important questions like who are Kong Kong, does Gorilla City Records plan to just release Kong Kong and is there beef between The Monkees and Gorillas. Read on to find out if this is just a bunch of guys from Stockholm who got a good deal on gorilla masks or if they are geniuses filling the gaping King Kong themed hole in the Oi! market.

Kong Kong Raw and Primitive album cover, out now!

First of all, to all those in the dark, who are Gorilla City Records and Kong Kong?

Don K. Kong: Hey man, thanks for your interest! Gorilla City Records is a Stockholm based DIY-label,
releasing records whilst fighting for truth and justice. On our roster we have Kong Kong – the most
true and just band in the world.

Megaprimatus Kong: Agreed. Wise people do consider Kong Kong the ninth wonder of the world.
We’re quite honoured to participate in the Moral Decay zine, thank you for having us.

What were your reasons behind starting a label and how has this been affected by Covid?
B.B. Kong: Initially we were told that we would have to release our own stuff if we were going to
make the big punk bucks (everybody knows that punk rockers make a million bucks). So we did. Or
rather, our good friend, Don K., stepped up and did it. He also acts as our manager nowadays.
Meh Kong: I suppose GCR suffers badly from Covid in economic terms because so far the band hasn’t
seen any of the moolah Don K. promised us in the beginning.
Don K: Yeah well, money shmoney, but in regards to Corona, I’d say the bats are innocent!

Kong Kong drummer Meh Kong (Photo credit: Mattis Loberg)

Now, Kong Kong have released a smashing EP called Raw and Primitive which is one of the
most original Streetpunk releases I’ve heard in ages. Reviewers have been praising it to high heaven. What were the influences and inspiration behind this EP? I’ve read mention of The Pretenders and there’s definitely a French Oi! influence (e.g. The Veros) there. Care to expand on this?
Kong Kong: Thank you. Initially we were aiming at a Blitz/Nidge Miller synthy sound, like the stuff
that’s on The Killing Dream album. Sound-wise the song Thrown Away from that album was a main
influence together with, for example, Futur Pour Tous by legendary French though guys Reich
Orgasm. Add a tad of The Jesus & Mary Chain and The Stone Roses and spice it up with the famous
Canadian vocal style of the likes of Scab Coma and Pub Night (or rather, the sound of the vocalist
when you play a 45 rpm record at 33 speed) and you get a felling for the stuff that have inspired us.
Then our friend and main producer Mr. Stephen Kong turned the control knobs in the studio and
made it into what it became.

You’ve recorded a video for I Don’t Live up Well to Expectations, I love it. It reminds me a bit of a sort of low budget art/horror/film noir type film. What films/directions inspire you visually and aurally? How does this feed into your band/label ethos? Where was that video filmed?
B.B. Kong:  It’s not noir. The video was shot during the brightest and happiest hours of a typical
Swedish summer’s day. It’s not our fault we live in constant gloom.

Megaprimatus Kong: Main music video director was world famous director Jonas Åkerlund. Oh well,
at least it could have been him. It was a very expensive video to make. Basically it’s just K. Kong
driving his Volvo 142 to work. I suppose that’s kind of horrific. Work I mean.
Meh Kong: I can only talk for myself, but films that inspire me are war movies about the Viet Kong
and propaganda stuff about that motherfucker Kim Kong-Un.

Aside from Kong Kong, do you have any other bands on your label? Anything exciting coming
Don K: In theory it would be awesome to release other bands’ stuff as well but at the moment there’s
only Kong Kong. I mean, it’s quite a hassle to be a record label executive, even with this crummy
band alone. Besides, I already use most of the company money to pay the chefs, secretaries and
drivers. If I were to spend more money on other dirty punks I would probably have to cut down on
my own fancy habits. How would that look? That said, I haven’t really let go of the idea of expanding
the roster of the label in the future.

When can we expect a full-length album from Kong Kong?
Megaprimatus Kong: For the moment, the idea is to release an EP every now and then. About
releasing an album, I don’t know. Maybe, if Don K. collects a shitload of money we might talk about
it. In the future.




Obviously, you’re all huge gorilla fans. Are you into hip hop? Perhaps Da Lench Mob ‘Guerillas
in the mist’ or Paris ‘Guerilla Funk’? Do you hate The Monkees or are they your allies?
Kong Kong: We love The Monkees. Davy Jones is actually my father. He was married to my mumKoko the gorilla from San Francisco.
Meh Kong: Hip hop-wise we tend to enjoy Electric Banana Band with famous Swedish MC Trazan

What are your thoughts on evolution? Will Kong Kong ever evolve or is earth only 2000 years old?
Don K: Funny you should ask. As a band, I believe Kong Kong has rather regressed than evolved. Well,
mentally speaking that is. Physically, however, it’s a whole different story. You’d probably have to
use carbon-14 dating to be able to determine an exact age. But I mean, judged by the snaps and pops
when straightening their limbs and the huffs when they struggle to breed like normal people I’d say
they’ve been around since Genesis (pre-Phil Collins).

What are your thoughts on the recent Kong films? I disliked the first one but liked the second. Is Kong king of all beasts? [Ed. Obviously he is, how is that even a question?]

Kong Kong: Recent you say… Well, to me the recent Kong films starts with the 1976 remake of the
1933 original. It was quite bad, especially compared to the Japanese Kaiju Kong movies from the
1960s. I mean, just look at that Mechani-Kong dude wrecking shit up. Great casting! However, my all-
time favourite Kong film would probably be “Harry and the Hendersons” from 1987. Kong is
obviously the Kong of the Jungle.

What does the future hold for GCR and KK?

B.B. Kong: I’m glad to announce that there will be a new Kong Kong EP released by GCR in late
summer/early autumn 2020. The EP will contain four new tracks and will be called “The Evils of
Don K: Thanks for the interview. And good luck with all the luxurious Moral Decay business. We’ll
probably send you an invoice for our time spent on this interview. [Ed. You can try but we’re pretty much broke!]

-End Interview-

So there you have it, Sweden is apparently just constant gloom, Kong Kong will have another EP out soon and Don K. Kong appears to be on the con. In all seriousness though this is an excelent band you need to check out, you can find their debut EP Raw and Primitive on Spotify here. Looking forward to the new EP and hopefully catching the lads once this pandemic has blown over, all hail the new L

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