Moral Decay is Moving

Keen-eyed followers of Moral Decay may have noticed a slow down in the posting of new stock to the site. Don’t worry, it is coming, in fact I’m looking at it right now. We’ve been a bit busy lately due to some moves that seemed to come right out of nowhere.

The first move we’re preparing for is our website, we’ll be moving to a new server. This will give us full control of our own online affairs which we’re pretty stoked about. The site may go down for a few hours during the switch but we’ll let you know when we’re doing it to limit any inconvenience as much as possible.

The second and by far the bigger move is a physical one. My partner and I are leaving the south coast and heading north to live in Scotland. As well as it being exciting news for us personaly, this opens up a new world of opportunity for Moral Decay. As well as hauling ourselves down for events in the North and South of England, we’ll have more time to check out gigs and events in Scotland. Due to the cheaper costs of living up there, i’ll be able to put more time and money into my passion and if you hadn’t guessed that passion is music, the outlet is Moral Decay.

All orders will still be processed as usual, we’ll still slowly but surely be adding new stock. You might just have to bear with us on getting some things online as there are lots of other things going on.

Get ready Scotland, Moral Decay is coming for you.


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