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Late last year friend of Moral Decay turned colaborator Gareth Postans spoke to Nick Leombruno of Pittsburgh Oi! outfit No Time. Getting his view on the American scene, “soccer”, politics, touring Europe and finding out a bit more about the band following their 2016 LP release You’ll Get Yours.  We have the absoloute privilage of publishing it here for your reading pleasure.
No Time bringing their noise live. (Photo taken from underground online music zine)
So take it away Gareth…
You guys seem to have been around a few years but recently became big in the scene this year…what’s your story?
I believe Adam, Tom, and Rick formed the band having formerly played in the band Heartless together. I believe they started in June of 2013, around the time that Heartless stopped being an active band. Adam had some songs written, showed them to the others and just like that, No Time was formed. Nick Pilz and Garrett joined and they recorded a demo tape that ended up being pressed into a 7″. Shortly after the demo was released they joined fellow Pittsburgh/Braddock homies Hounds Of Hate for a European tour. I replaced Garrett shortly after they returned from that tour and they spent a few weeks catching me up to speed. We played a few local shows but mostly started working on writing new material for “You’ll Get Yours”. I think having an LP sort of legitimized the band and the band did another European tour for the LP as well which probably helped get our name out a bit.
"...we are an Anti-Fascist band." 
Now, ‘You’ll get yours’ is absolutely awesome. You along with Rixe are flying the flag in terms of new(ish) bands. What was the inspiration behind this album? It’s powerful as hell.
Damn, thank you for the kind words! I would say that lyrically Adam is writing about the grind of daily life through his eyes. Sonic-ly speaking we try to write very straight forward, powerful music. Keep it simple stupid!
Album cover for You’ll Get Yours.
There’s a lot of classic sounds on this album. Aside from Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Blitz – who were your main influences?
We’re all big fans of classic punk and hardcore. Blitz is a huge influence for sure! We try to incorporate everything we like from 77 punk, British Oi!, American Hardcore, UK82 , and even glam.
What’s your general view of the Oi! scene in America? Seems to be like a gang like mentality of bands on the left, right and those in the middle? How is the scene in Pittsburgh?
Well it should be obvious, but just in case, I’d like to say we are an Anti-Fascist band. The Oi! scene is pretty small here in Pittsburgh. There are a handful of people into it but, we feel most at home playing punk and hardcore shows. Pittsburgh has a great scene in general that I think is pretty unified. You’re likely to see punks, ‘cores, acid freaks, noise rockers, and drunks at most of the same shows. As far as the American scene, I don’t know. I like The Brass, Cinderblock, Concrete Elite, and maybe a handful of others.
"...if No Time had to pick a football team 
we would probably go with St. Pauli..."

How do you feel the world is going these days? Brexit, Trump and Prince dying…is there any hope for the future?
RIP Prince! I don’t feel qualified to comment much on Brexit because I’m not very well versed in British politics. From my understanding it seems like a bleak situation. As far as Trump goes, there’s a new and interesting shit storm everyday with that guy and things are bleak here as well. I guess the only hope is that when the pendulum swings right, its bound to swing left eventually. I hate the president no matter who it is though.
Do you guys do ‘Soccer’ over there? The MLS seems to be getting more popular but I still don’t think you guys get football really…Do you have a non league scene over there? Any UK teams you have an affinity with?
You’re right! I don’t get it and I hate sports! Here in Pittsburgh we have the Pittsburgh Riverhounds. I believe they are part of the United Soccer League. I’m personally not into sports but, I would venture to guess that if No Time had to pick a football team we would probably go with St. Pauli due to what I understand the fans politics are aligned with.

Do you have any plans to hit the UK? I know you did a European tour recently…how was that?
We did a few weeks in Europe in 2016 around playing K-town Hardcore Fest. K-town was awesome and everyone involved treated us so well and were so well organized. The rest of tour was really great too. I think the highlights for me personally were K-town and also we played a fest in the middle of the woods in Poland with The Oppressed and Disorder. Whilst driving to the gig in Poland we were joking that maybe it was some sort of prank. We had to go by coordinates as there was no actual address to plug into the GPS. We were driving through these very small villages and through the woods for hours and it just seemed like there was no way a punk fest could be taking place anywhere nearby, then we take a turn through the woods and like that we start seeing punks all around us and knew we were in the right place. The Oppressed played just as it got dark and most of the crowd was very, very drunk and a lot of them had road flares for some reason and were lighting them off in the crowd. It was a very memorable thing to take in.
We’d love to come to the UK but, unfortunately we have nothing booked for now. We are currently gearing up to do a 10 day Mexican tour in March. Currently, our drummer Tom lives about 5 hours drive away from the rest of the band so things move a little slower than we would prefer but, he is moving back to Pittsburgh soon and once he is settled in we will finish up writing the next LP and hopefully start to tour a little more extensively.
Quality artwork, quality sound. Cover for the No Time promo tape.
Recently Peter and The Test Tubes were blocked from entering the US as Peter had been mocking Trump…have you experienced any similar problems traveling around the US or noticed a trend towards censorship? Are Trump and Kimmy secretly the same guy or is this irrelevant as the lizards run the show anyway?
Fortunately, we haven’t experienced any troubles traveling as a band. I’m sure if Trump could be a dictator like Kim, he would. He is without a doubt an egomaniac and there are definitely some striking similarities between the two which is pretty fucking scary. They’re making threats of what could end up being a nuclear holocaust. Yikes!
"Pittsburgh punk rules and fuck off!"
What are you interests outside of music? Everyone seems to be skinhead, skinhead, skinhead but I bet even some skinheads love a game of draughts occasionally or maybe Skyrim?
Adam is the only true skin head in the band. His main hobby besides playing music is working 80 hours a week! I’m kidding. Honestly, none of us view ourselves as skinheads. We all come from a punk background and that’s where we feel most at home as far as shows go. As individuals, our interests (that I know of) range from skateboarding. cycling, tattoo and record collecting, coffee nerd bullshit, and working on our shitty old houses, etc.
Any last words of wisdom for your loyal hardcore UK constituents?
Pittsburgh punk rules and fuck off!
End of Interiew
Great stuff, cheers for taking the time Nick and thanks for sending this our way Gareth! We can’t wait to see what the future holds. If you want to get your hands on any No Time material you can visit their bandcamp @
LP You’ll Get Yours was released in the USA on Six Feet Under Records and by Phobiact Records in Europe. Still available for digital download but if you’re looking for a hard copy you may have missed the boat!

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